Current Grants

Peer-Reviewed Grants

Challenging the dogma: Light exercise for the management of acute mild traumatic brain injury.  Varner C, McLeod SL, Borgundvaag B. (2017) Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. $211,976. 

A blinded, randomized controlled trial of opioid analgesics for the management of acute fracture pain in older adults discharged from the emergency department.  Varner C, McLeod SL, Orkin A, Melady D, Borgundvaag B. (2017) Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians: EM Advancement Fund Awardee.  $10,000.

Ectopic pregnancy outcomes in patients discharged from the emergency department.  Varner C, McLeod SL, Hawrylyshyn K. (2017) University of Toronto: Comprehensive Research Experience for Medical Students (CREMS).  $5,500.

Challenging the dogma: A randomized controlled trial comparing prescribed light exercise to standard management for emergency department patients with acute mild traumatic brain injury.  Varner C, Borgundvaag B, McLeod SL. (2017) Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians: EM Advancement Fund Awardee.  $10,000. 

Opiate Prescribing in Ontario Emergency Departments.  Borgundvaag B, McLeod SL.  (2015)  Janus Research Grant $10,000. 

Implementation and Evaluation of a Novel Family Medicine Obstetrical Point of Care Ultrasound (FaMOUS) Course. Varner C, Bearss E, Lee S, McLeod SL, Wiss R, Singwi A, Borgundvaag B. (2015) University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Education Development Fund.  $20,000. 

Does a brief nurse initiated therapeutic conversation improve patient satisfaction with acute pain management in the emergency department compared to standard care? Soch L, Pawliwec K, Fink S, McLeod S, Borgundvaag B. (2015) Department of Nursing 2015-2016 National Bank Nursing Research Award (NBNRA):  $5,000. 

A simulation based education module for the accurate diagnosis and safe management of alcohol withdrawal. Perelman S, Lee S, McLeod S, Selby P, Sultana N, Borgundvaag B.  (2015) SIMone/IDEAS/CPSI Simulation for Safety & Quality Improvement Program.  $10,000. 

Development of an innovative web-based educational program to teach the management of alcohol withdrawal. Borgundvaag, B., Kahan, M., Gray, S., Lee S., Perelman, S., McLeod, S., Selby, P., Detje, R., Kan, C. (2015). Toronto ON, UHN-MSH AFP Innovation Fund 2015. $112,899. An online resource to support the creation of senior-friendly emergency departments in Ontario. Melady, D., Sinha, S., Ovens, H., Carpenter, C., Bennett, J., McLeod, S. (2015). Toronto ON, UHN-MSH AFP Innovation Fund 2015. $111,663.  

The association and geographic variability of rates of ectopic pregnancy and chlamydia Infection. Varner, C., Kwong, J., McLeod, S., Borgundvaag, B. (2015). Toronto ON, Department of Family and Community Medicine Division of Emergency Medicine - Young Investigator Award. $5,000.

A novel technology for the early detection of bacteria in blood in patient with suspected sepsis. Borgundvaag, B. and McLeod, S. (2014). Toronto ON, Qvella. $35,000.

Emergency physicians’ ultrasound performance detecting intrauterine pregnancy and fetal cardiac activity. Varner, C. (2014).Toronto ON, Department of Family and Community Medicine Professional Development Fund Award for Manuscript Development.

Randomized controlled trial: The influence of graduated return to usual activities discharge instructions on symptoms of minor traumatic brain injury. Varner, C. (2014). College of Family Physicians of Canada - Janus Novice Researcher Grant. $5,000.

A novel approach to the assessment of alcohol withdrawal in the emergency department. Borgundvaag, B., Kahan, M, and Gray, S. (2013). Toronto, ON, UHN-MSH AFP Innovation Fund 2013. $101,581.

Fetal outcomes of patients with first trimester bleeding after detection of fetal cardiac activity on abdominal ultrasound in the emergency department. Varner, C. (2013). Toronto ON, Department of Family and Community Medicine Young Investigator Award. $5,000.

Non Peer-Reviewed Grants

Evaluation of the BacT/ALERT VIRTUO Microbial Detection System.  Borgundvaag B, McLeod S, Mazzulli T. (2015) bioMerieux, Inc. Durham, NC, USA.  $25,000.

Prospective Evaluation of Qvella’s Prototype System for Rapid Pathogen Detection and Identification Directly from Blood Samples Collected from Patients with Suspected Sepsis in the Emergency Department (ED).  Borgundvaag B, Mazzulli T, McLeod S, Alavie T. (2014) QVella Corporation.  $25,000.