Emergency Medicine Fellowship


The MSH Emergency Medicine Fellowship is a joint venture between the Ministry of Health of Israel, the Azrieli foundation, SREMI, and Mount Sinai Hospital. We are currently in our fourth operating year and have trained and developed lifelong relationships with five outstanding emergency medicine fellows from all parts of Israel who are already making impactful changes in their local hospitals and the field of Emergency Medicine. We are looking forward to hosting our sixth fellow Dr. Yusef Darawsha from the Bnai Zion hospital in the fall of 2023.


Dr. Tamar Shemesh-Lobl has chosen to extend her fellowship by another year to focus on mastering emergency department orthopedics. Her second year of her fellowship saw her gain experience with regional anesthesia, pain management, and she spent many Friday’s working closely with Dr. Arun Sayal at NYGH gaining hands on experience with common ED ortho presentations. She will continue this experience as well as completing another two months of high-volume orthopedics at Collingwood General and Marine hospital during ski season, sports medicine at the Mount Sinai Dovigi Orthopedic Sports Medicine Clinic, trauma orthopedics at Sunnybrook Hospital, and pediatric orthopedics at Sickkids. After completing this third and final year, Tamar will return to Israel to her staff position at the Sheba Medial Center at Tel-Hashomer.

Dr. Nana Maklada – two-year fellowship (2021-2023)

Nana also recently completed her fellowship and has returned to work as a lead in the ICU, trauma bay, and emergency department. In her second year, focused on regional anesthesia, orthopaedics, and improving critical care procedures. One of her main objectives is to promote emergency medicine orthopedics at her site. She also wishes to incorporate some of the learning strategies she experienced during her fellowship to help train the next generation of residents including weekly educational rounds.



Dr. Sabrina Weill: (2022-2023)

Sabrina completed her fellowship in the summer of 2023. Upon return she will continue working as a staff EM physician at Assuta Ashdod Hospital, a regional academic center. With her additional training from her fellowship, she will be bringing back a host of new ideas to her department. Some of her goals include focusing on improving ED flow, resident education, department scheduling, and pediatric emergency medicine

Having the support and leadership of the SREMI has been instrumental to the success of the fellowship. 

If you have any questions about potential fellowship opportunities/partnerships, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Nadia Primiani MD, CCFP(EM) and Shawn Lacombe MSc, MD, CCFP(EM)
Associate Program Directors, Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Fellowship Staff Physicians, Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
Assistant Professors, DFCM, University of Toronto