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8:00 am          Welcoming Remarks & State of the Union
Howard Ovens

8:15 am          KEYNOTE:  Leadership in a Crisis
                         Kieran Moore

9:00 am         Nursing Panel:  Recruitment & Retention Strategies to  Address the Growing Staffing Crisis in Emergency Nursing and Burnout & Staff Resilience Strategies
Andrea EnnisHeather CampbellSusan WoollardMarisa Vaglica, Gillian Wilde-Friel, Judy Linton

10:30 am       BREAK

10:45 am       Team Building/ Resilience/ Microagressions

                         Team Building & Resilience
Sam Campbell

                         Microaggressions in health care with a focus on emergency services
Lauren Freeman

11:45 am       BREAK

12:30 pm       Trauma Informed Care

                         COVID-19, the Opioid Crisis & Homelessness: Responses to Overlapping Emergencies
Kate Hayman

                         Trauma Informed Care in the ED; Getting Beyond Us vs. Them
Robert Maunder      

1:30 pm         Virtual Care and Emergency Services - a Life Preserver to a Drowning Discipline or an Anchor?

                         Virtual Care is a Life Preserver and More
Jim Christenson

                         Virtual Care is a Heavy Anchor
Howard Ovens
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                         Virtual Care the BC Experience
Kendall Ho

                         Virtual Care the ON Experience
Shelley McLeod

3:00 pm         Wrap Up & Adjournment